Concrete Flooring is a Favorite for 2017

Concrete Flooring has become a new flooring material for designers and owners all over the world. Concrete floors appear in retail stores, fashionable restaurants, offices and homes around the world. Acid stains, paints, pads, micro points, radiant floors or concrete floors offer a variety of other materials. Concrete floors, sometimes concrete floors, should not be more gray and boring. Now the coloring of the concrete or the use of textures, patterns, cutting, etc. It can bring a new life to this traditional substrate.

Most people have not considered the possibility of leaving on the screen the walls discovered in their homes. The cool, complex and uncomfortable surfaces do nothing to improve the comfort of the home, and matt and gray color is usually unattractive. Not only that, but also Concrete Flooring is not environmentally friendly material, and if you change your mind, it’s not easy to remove it.

However, the concrete also has many qualities that are looking for homeowners, and, surprisingly, it offers a wide range of design options.

Practical advantages

Ease of maintenance. Concrete Flooring require very little attention to the weekly distribution of hot water and soap to keep them clean, and the annual waterproofing and polishing will keep its finishing.


If you repair the existing concrete slab floor, limit the consumption of new materials that, even if not the material environment, are more sustainable materials.

Low prices

Concrete floors can offer a stylish and elegant finish, much cheaper than traditional floors. And it’s even more profitable if you update your existing stand and do not delete the new one.


At home, there is not much that can damage the concrete floor. Variety scratches, dropped dishes, high heels, and movable legs must not leave traces.


Concrete – a high performance construction material due to its durability and strength, so with a bit of attention your cement floor can last several decades.

Constructive quality

Although cheap – far cheaper than luxurious carpets and elegant wood floors – modern concrete blends are extremely versatile and allow designers to create an endless array of textures, finishes and colors.


Each color can be blended directly into the concrete before it is poured, but can also be added later using an acid dye, a dye, or even a water-based latex paint.


The texture of bare Stone Flooring is often agitated, but can be smooth during installation, or a decorative pattern can be impressed with the concrete.


Once placed, the concrete can be polished or oiled to provide high glosses or engravings for the effect of tiles.


One of the main advantages of concrete floors is their accessibility to other flooring possibilities. The installation of a decorative concrete floors can be very economical, especially if you already have a concrete slab ready for painting, polishing, or coating or coating. The base concrete floor will look like linoleum, vinyl, ceramic or carpet. Although the construction of the most complex concrete floor will be about equal or slightly lower than that of marble, granite, slate or high quality wood. In addition, the cost of life of a concrete floor is very low, because it requires little maintenance and lasts for years.

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