Clicking Your Heels on Hardwood Deals

Fall fashion is a thing all its own.  Sure, summer bursts on the scene with wild colors, vivid patterns and barely-there skimpiness that at times leaves little to the imagination, especially at the beach.  Fall brings out the layers, the heavier fabrics, boots and booties that look so smart with trench coats, wool slacks and scarves on parade in the city.  Pairing these looks just right is an art that you’ll appreciate when you shop at New York and Company.  It’s the quintessential look that’s recognizable the world over.  And now that New York & Co have teamed up with smart women like Eve Mendes and Gabrielle Union, there’s even more reason to shop the store.  Shopping the store doesn’t mean trudging through traffic to get there, it means taking time to leisurely stroll through the pages of their online store, and taking in the classic looks, new arrivals and even summer clearance items on sale.

Shopping the store is even better when you add the money saving power of Groupon to snag deals on the latest apparel in stock.  They have deals that are good whether you pop into the store on your way home, or shop from your desk at work.  And there’s no need to worry if your trunk is filled with junk – you can easily qualify for free shipping and have your purchases sent to your door.  They even have savings good only when you sign up for text alerts.  There are so many ways to save, you’ll be glad you expanded your walk-in closet.  By the time the installation is complete, you’ll be clicking your new heels on new hardwood floors.  You can have a one-woman fashion show with all the new clothes you can fit in there.

Investing in a larger closet was a smart move to begin with.  Choosing between hardwoods or laminate, light finish or dark, ceramic or tile took lots of consideration.  Deciding to have hardwoods finished in place was a great choice that gave you the flexibility to get the finish you wanted and customize it to match the moldings around your new master suite.  But it was prudent moves like shopping with Groupons that made it affordable.

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